Hemay005 is an experimental drug being tested for its ability to treat chronic inflammatory diseases like psoriasis by inhibiting a specific enzyme, PDE4, which plays a key role in the inflammation process. The drug aims to reduce the activity of T lymphocytes and several inflammatory molecules (like TNF-α and IL-23), which are crucial in the development of psoriatic diseases.

In a large, Phase III clinical trial, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis were randomly assigned to either Hemay005 or a placebo, with results assessed after 16 weeks. The study found that Hemay005 was more effective than the placebo in significantly reducing the severity of psoriasis symptoms. Specifically, a greater number of patients treated with Hemay005 achieved substantial improvement in their skin condition.

However, the drug was associated with more adverse events (AEs), particularly gastrointestinal issues like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, compared to the placebo group. These side effects were mostly mild to moderate in severity. The study also determined that 60 mg of Hemay005 twice daily was the optimal dose, balancing efficacy and side effects.

This drug is potentially more effective with less side effects compared to Apremilast.

In conclusion, Hemay005 shows promise as a potentially superior treatment for psoriasis, effectively reducing disease severity with manageable side effects, especially at the optimal dosing level.