Dazodalibep (DAZ) is a special type of protein used to treat Sjögren’s disease, which affects the immune system. In a study, patients with this disease took DAZ or a placebo (a treatment with no active drug) to see how effective and safe DAZ is.

The study was conducted in two stages: first, patients received either DAZ or a placebo, then they switched treatments in the second stage.The study found that DAZ helped improve symptoms of Sjögren’s disease, as shown by improvements in scores that measure symptom severity and quality of life. Patients who switched from the placebo to DAZ also saw benefits, and those who started on DAZ maintained their improvements after switching to the placebo.

Most side effects reported during the study were mild or moderate, but there were some serious ones, like infections and heart issues. Overall, DAZ showed promise in treating Sjögren’s disease, but the study suggests that more research is needed to fully understand its safety and effectiveness.